While the vast majority of citizens of the Omphalos belong to the Underclass, the Working Class, or the Merchant Class, the Clans represent the most important members of society, and those able to hold office in the House of Clans.

There are five Great Clans, each of which commands the fealty of several Lesser Clans, and then there are dozens of unaffiliated Clans.

The Great Clans are

Clan of the Firefly: With a strong militaristic tradition, the members of Clan Tirakan are expected to be natural leaders. Although considered conservative by disparagers, the Clan is actually full of technophiles, and is responsible for pushing many of the latest military advances. A Firefly who refuses to learn what they can of the newest fire-lances or clockwork siege towers is considered an embarrassment to the family.

Clan of the Dragonfly: A naval people since time immemorial, the members of Clan Kocuvai are raised on sea-and-sky ships since they learn how to walk, and many can navigate rigging before they can spell their own name. Although most Dragonflies want their children to be commanding officers, they also learn that leadership is about earning respect, and are not above a sailors’ brawl.

Clan of the Cricket: Socialites with an ancient connection to the Faith of the Sacred Koi, the members of Clan Kirkket are expected to know the ins and outs of a soiree the moment they step in. Although frequently glib, and seemingly obsessed with their menageries and concerts, anyone who thinks of them as mere fops risks under-estimating their ability to manipulate key officials and departments to their own ends.

Clan of the Crow: A clan of craftsmen, architects and engineers, with a conservative sense of the past and a respect for tradition, Clan Kakam are intricately tied to city planning and ordinances. Considered dour and serious by most, the Crows can also be charming and charismatic, but they are known for being sensitive, and as a whole have issued more duel challenges than the other four Great Houses put together.

Clan of the Turtle: A recent turn of events has seen the Clan Amai rise from an insignificant lesser House to the fifth Great House; considered upstarts, they possess the ruthlessness of a family that was only two centuries ago a merchant clan. Their connections to finance have gained them power, but also enemies – as have their alleged connections to the Triad.

The following are the Lesser Clans who owe Fealty to one of the Great Clans;

To the Clan of the Firefly; Clan Bee, Clan Fireant, Clan Termite, Clan Minnow, Clan Asp, Clan Toad, Clan Finch and Clan Goose.

To the Clan of the Dragonfly; Clan Eel, Clan Jellyfish, Clan Cod, Clan Octopus, Clan Squid, Clan Swan, Clan Albatross, and Clan Frog.

To the Clan of the Cricket; Clan Butterfly, Clan Moth, Clan Ray, Clan Crab, Clan Sparrow, Clan Cardinal, Clan Thrush, Clan Kingfisher and Clan Peacock.

To the Clan of the Crow; Clan Pillbug, Clan Scarab, Clan Salamander, Clan Newt, Clan Finch, Clan Raven, and Clan Rook.

To the Clan of the Turtle; Clan Ladybug, Clan Cockroach, Clan Wahoo, Clan Vulture, and Clan Duck.

Other notable Lesser Clans include Clan Puffer, Clan Squid, Clan Herring, Clan Wasp, Clan Spider, Clan Dodo, Clan Crane and Clan Rattlesnake.


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